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SoSil - Sea Breeze by Reseliee SoSil - Sea Breeze :iconreseliee:Reseliee 19 4 Excorsene BIO + DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Excorsene BIO + DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 39 3 Plaid Dress Shirt (+ plain textures) DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Plaid Dress Shirt (+ plain textures) DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 74 5 Demon Hoodie Dress DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Demon Hoodie Dress DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 130 7 Who else would it be in purple? by Reseliee Who else would it be in purple? :iconreseliee:Reseliee 44 2 Spring Dress DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Spring Dress DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 166 6 Luca Arefinia (BIO) by Reseliee Luca Arefinia (BIO) :iconreseliee:Reseliee 39 4 Striped Demon Tail DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Striped Demon Tail DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 91 5 How many times am I going to use this stage? by Reseliee How many times am I going to use this stage? :iconreseliee:Reseliee 41 6 Namine (Bow Dress) DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Namine (Bow Dress) DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 63 6 Shion Hair DL by Reseliee Shion Hair DL :iconreseliee:Reseliee 40 5 KH3 Sora DOWNLOAD by Reseliee KH3 Sora DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 79 6 OC Adoptable 7 (CLOSED) by Reseliee OC Adoptable 7 (CLOSED) :iconreseliee:Reseliee 19 32 Another lolita model by Reseliee Another lolita model :iconreseliee:Reseliee 24 3 Bow with lace DOWNLOAD by Reseliee Bow with lace DOWNLOAD :iconreseliee:Reseliee 142 1 Remake in style: CC by Reseliee Remake in style: CC :iconreseliee:Reseliee 23 4


:alert:  The model must already exist. I'M NOT MAKING THE MODELS FOR YOU.
Bullet; Blue Links to models are also helpful. I don't have all of them.
Bullet; Blue It doesn't have to be Kingdom Hearts (NO FROZEN. GET OVER IT)
Bullet; Blue No R18+


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KHMMDC Anti-Hate stamp by Kohaku-Ume I love KoKre Stamp by XxRhian-MidnightxX Excorsene Stamp by Kohaku-Ume Ash vs. Evil Dead Stamp by Kohaku-Ume Men Look Better With Age STAMP by Kohaku-Ume

Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Stamp by Dbzbabe Terra Stamp by Tea-Strawberry Kingdom Hearts:BBS_Stamp by QueenOfSilence I heart Paopu Stamp by BabiSasuke Terra by Ellexon Vanitas by Ellexon Xion by Ellexon Riku by Ellexon Aqua by Ellexon I Support KH: I by prettyninja RokuShi DDD stamp by CLFF I support KH OCS by ReikoChan AkuRokuShi Stamp by xselfdestructive I Support Akuroku Stamp by LenaLawliet Who else will Roxas stamp by Achiga Stamp -  Destiny Islands by tinuleaf I still love her...-stamp- by BeagleTsuin KH Birth By Sleep stamp by xselfdestructive Final Fantasy Fanatic by jpopqueen26 Second Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Final Fantasy X Stamp by nakashimariku Chocobo-Stamp by Tifa22

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Anti-feminist - stamp by Angi-Shy Be Inspired! Stamp by Caelisqua
Doing a sort of 3D modeling request thing so I can practice more.

But don't start spamming me with 200+ requests just yet!!!

Basically let's say you want a piece of clothing like a skirt or shirt or something and can't find the parts to make it in MMD, or you want to make a character cosplay as another character but can't find the right hat or something.

Well I was thinking of doing something like that. Someone suggests an item that they either find online or from an anime or something and I'd model it. If you're able to get in contact with someone who created said item that you saw a picture of, you should ask for permission

And everything being modeled WILL BE DISTRIBUTED PUBLICLY.

No private stuff I might open commissions for private items if/when I feel like my 3D modeling is good enough

So don't think I'm going to model something specifically for your OC unless you want tons of other people using your designs.

Also, everything made won't be very hi-poly. I'm used to low-poly models and I can only model somewhere in between so far.

I'm not using TDA as a base for clothing either. DON'T. EVEN. FUCKING. ASK.

Please don't dump tons of requests here and expect me to do ALL of them... I DO have a life...


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SoSil - Sea Breeze
Lame ship name is lame

Just something lazily edited because I have no ambition to do anything today

Stage - Otzipai-Art
Excorsene BIO + DOWNLOAD

The outfit was supposed to be an AU model but I just love it so much that I changed that to be her main outfit. Plus her old one kinda made her look like a fucking Halloween costume??? And then I figured I'd add more details to her bio because I wanted to give her more depth than just a typical villain???

- No editing (I made about 80% of this outfit from scratch. Not letting anyone take parts this time)
- Credit me so I can see what you made
- Don't claim as your own

Bullet; Purple Name: Excorsene

Bullet; Purple Nickname: Ex

Bullet; Purple Age: 16

Bullet; Purple Personality: Heartless to almost everyone, she goes out of her way to attack and cause harm, all while showing no emotion. The only time she smiles is around her adoptive brother Gunin. She rarely cries, since only a few things make her do. When angered, she makes violent threats.

Bullet; Purple Weapon: sword

Bullet; Purple Likes:
- the suffering of others
- books
- kiwi

Bullet; Purple Dislikes:
- Nobodies
- just about everyone
- most electronics
Friends – Gunin, & Tifany (old friend).

Bullet; Purple Past:

Excorsene was created from Kohaku's father's experiment when Kohaku was 4. She is the physical manifestation of the darkness of Kohaku's heart. At first only a few people could see her, since she wasn't that strong. She'd spend her time causing trouble in the lab and talking to Kohaku. Since no one could see her she was able to leave whenever she wanted and explore. She and Kohaku got along well. Kohaku would help her with whatever evil plan she was thinking of. They were almost like sisters. A year and a half later she developed a physical form, and Kohaku's father experimented on her as well. He used a lot of machines on her, and this caused her hatred of technology. This was the first time that she ever felt fear as well. One day Kohaku told her that she planned on running away and Excorsene followed her. They ran into a man named Ashen. He tried to bring them back home to their dad but they told him that they were sisters and that their father experimented on them. He couldn't bring them home or go to the police (since they'd bring them home anyway), so he adopted them. For years he and his friend Kiku raised Kohaku and Excorsene. He tried to make Excorsene be kind, but she didn't care. She liked the idea of causing trouble more than helping people.

She started to notice small black dots would appear somewhere if she focused on something for long enough and after months of figuring out why, figured out she could open portals to wherever she wanted. She showed Kohaku, who was amazed by this. Kiku taught her how to steal things from others and how to be sneaky. Whenever Ashen found out if Excorsene did something wrong, she'd be grounded. But she used portals to sneak out so that wasn't a problem. Ashen taught them how to fight to “protect themselves and others”, but Excorsene used those skills to beat people up. Kohaku on the other hand, listened to Ashen. She stopped pulling pranks with Excorsene and would scold her for doing bad things. But they would still do things together like shop and train. Excorsene really thought of her as a sister.

One night she woke up from a nightmare about being experimented on. She sat outside to calm down and think. She hated what Kohaku's father did. And then it came to her, she could get revenge on him for what he did to her and Kohaku. She snuck into the lab and killed him. When she got home she woke up Kohaku and told her. She thought Kohaku would be happy about it since she was experimented on longer. But instead, Kohaku yelled at her more than she ever had. She said that “We got away from him and can never go back, so why kill him now?! He was out of our lives for good! How can you do something like that?! I knew you were evil but that's too far!” Excorsene felt hurt. Part of the reason she did it was for her. She ran off, upset that her “sister” would get that mad at her.

Excorsene spent time alone, thinking to herself. She knew Kohaku would never forgive her. She felt there was no need to go back home and that without them, she could do whatever she wanted. She found a place to stay, far away from everyone else. She spent months figuring out her powers. She could open more than one portal, summon heartless, dark fireballs, and even split herself in half to form a second being, Excoron. She'd torment people in town, causing a lot of people to dislike her. She'd also sneak into the old lab and read though the files and books she found. This is how she learned there were other worlds.

One day she found a woman who was going to kill her son. The woman ran off after she noticed Excorsene there, leaving the toddler behind. She picked it up and felt sympathy for it and thought that she could raise it to be as evil as her. Aside from that, she was lonely, and heartless weren't very good company. She named the boy Gunin.

Excorsene spent a few years raising him. She trained a few heartless to take care of him when she was away causing destruction. If she knew she didn't need the strength, she'd have Excoron watch him. After Gunin learned to walk and talk more he followed her around everywhere. This was a problem when she was going to other worlds because she'd have to watch him constantly. She taught him how to fight, but he was still young and weak so it didn't help much. She even taught him how to hide, which worked out much better. But if the situation was too dangerous, hiding wasn't enough. So she decided he'd stay home most of the time. He didn't like it and occasionally follow her without her knowing. She found out sooner or later and would get mad at him. He'd cry, she'd feel bad and cheer him up. When Excorsene wasn't watching Gunin, she'd be traveling to different worlds, releasing heartless and stealing hearts. Though, every once in awhile she'd take a break from that and just explore (usually with Gunin because she knew there wouldn't be any danger.) Sometimes she'd talk to people to learn about the world she was in.

She and Kohaku eventually ran into each other. At this point, Excorsene wanted to drag Kohaku's heart completely into darkness so that she could take it and become human. Kohaku knew that Excorsene was causing death and destruction and was determined to stop her. They fought. Excorsene noticed that Gunin was hiding nearby so she took him and ran away.

Excorsene and Kohaku ran into each other occasionally. They were always even, and whenever one of them lost they never lost badly since they ran away before the other could do another that bad to the other. But each time they got stronger and stronger.

Bullet; Purple Additional Info:
- She is the physical manifestation of the darkness of Kohaku's heart. Therefore, if Kohaku were to get depressed, she would temporarily get stronger.
- She consumes hearts for a huge strength boost.
- Also because she's darkness, she can use it and control Heartless.
- She's a bit of a technophobe. Computers, cellphones, and other things cause her to remember her experimentation.
- She doesn't want to kill Kohaku, since she would disappear as well. So instead she tries to make her fall completely into darkness so she herself can be human.
- If Excorsene needs a hand, she can split herself in half, the other half being Excoron. He's like her in almost every way. However, because Excorsene split herself in half, they both only have half the power. He's almost exactly like her, but a little more sadistic.


I'm kind of considering changing her bio so she doesn't die in the end (Which is why I didn't add it) Like, Gunin protects her in the final fight between her and Kohaku and convinces Kohaku to give Excorsene half her heart and in exchange Excorsene has to turn herself around. She'd have to deal with the internal struggle of having to be good while her old habits make her want to be evil along with trying to change how the people around her see her.

But then Yije wouldn't exist and I like Yije :/

Maybe I'll figure something out. Like Yije could be part of her like Excoron? IDK DAMMIT

Plaid Dress Shirt (+ plain textures) DOWNLOAD
I know I said I was going to model everything but I had a hard time with this one so I just ripped + rigged this from The Sims 4

Comes with 6 normal textures and is in PMX format

Part suggested by Raisu221
Demon Hoodie Dress DOWNLOAD
Added ends to the sleeves because it looked kinda plain without them
Comes with 8 more textures plus the UV mapping (minus the metal bits because I applied those in the editor)
It's in PMX format and has 2 upper body bones

Please try to remember to credit because I would really like to see this used



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